Who We Are

Our Mission

The most important thing to note is that we’re essentially a group of friends united by the same cause: to overcome the dearth of decent drinks available if you’re ever caught short at home in the evening…

Aside from that, we’re a team of enthusiasts with a broad range of experiences and skill-sets that all do our bit and we’re building something (we think is) truly exciting!



Gautom escaped from a career in finance and founded BOIRE so that you’ll never have to buy an expensive bottle of plonk from the petrol station ever again! In charge of overall strategy, sceptics might say he’s only in this as he insists on tasting every drink that makes it on to our list, which would be incredibly unfair (but not entirely untrue)!

Favourite BOIRE drinks: any of the pre-mixed cocktails from Tayer + Elementary and Coupette or something cold, white and probably from Burgundy.

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Julian had a corporate career at some of the “big boys” of the alcohol industry, in a variety of sales and senior marketing roles for brands such as Stella Artois, Peroni and Bombay Sapphire. Now he helps make sure we’re selling the best drinks at the best prices and leads our marketing function.

Favourite BOIRE drinks: it’s too hard to pick an overall favourite, but I love Small Beer both from a drink and brand perspective and you can never go wrong with a chilled bottle of Pol or Whitebox’s Pocket Negronis, which have saved me many a time.

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Jaimie-Beth has used her background as an international fitness model and coach to build a successful business helping her partners develop holistic social media strategies. She is our social media queen. When not researching the latest and best ways to hack the Instagram algorithm she can be found taking a digital detox on her yoga mat.

Favourite BOIRE drinks: Hacha Bar’s Mezcal Mirror Margarita or a cold Five Points Pale.

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Charlie has worked in the London wine trade for more years than he cares to count, has travelled the vinous world and tasted with the greatest winemaking superstars. He has been tasked with whittling down his list of favourite wines for BOIRE, and to bring something new, interesting, and delicious to your table.          

Favourite BOIRE drinks: The greatest pleasure comes from tasting a brilliant wine from an unheralded region, such as Raul Perez’ Ultreia St Jacques, from the Mencia grape in the Bierzo region of Spain. It’s full and structured but still delicious in hot weather, chilled from the fridge.

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Paul-Stefan is studying for a very high-powered degree in chemistry, but also manages to find enough time to be in charge of our warehouse, making sure that everything runs smoothly. If we’ve ever got you out of a jam by delivering your drinks in minutes, then you have Paul-Stefan to thank!

Favourite BOIRE drinks: Any of Braybrooke Beer Co.’s lagers or a bold Italian red.

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